1. Mary

From the recording Spark

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I’m not Mary, I can’t save you
God knows I’ve tried
Cause I’m no angel, ain’t got no halo
No wings to help me fly
My sons can’t walk on water
There ain’t nothin’ immaculate about me
I am my father’s daughter
Tryin’ to break free
And you’re no Jesus, you can’t save me
I don’t know why you try
Cause I am broken beyond repair
But I can’t remember why
So lead me not into temptation
I’m sorry for leading you astray
Consider my salvation
Send me on my way
And maybe Mary will come and save me
I pray to God she’ll try
She’ll send an angel to fit me for a halo
Teach me how to fly
And I am just a woman
And you are only a man
No divine intervention
No sacred plan
Yeah I’m no Mary, I don’t wanna be saved
So please don’t try
Cause I am broken, never had no halo
Guess it’s time for me to fly