Ocean Waves, Heat Waves, and Music Waves

Summer 2023! 

It's been a foggy one! But the last few days have brought some more summer-y weather and the Leo in me hopes it continues! I've been super busy with lots of projects so far. I've been driving my youngest, a Wellfleet lifeguard, to and from work, and also helping my oldest get situated in his new apartment in Western New York. When I'm not busy being a mom, I'm spending lots of time in my garden, taking a graduate class, walking my dogs, entertaining visiting cousins, catching some amazing live music with my buddy Meg, walking and photographing our beautiful beaches, and of course, I've got lots of summer gigs planned for you, both full band and solo shows! Please check the schedule often - I update it as more shows are added! I hope to see you out and about! 

peace, love, and music 
(and beaches and sunsets!)

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